Meet our Members

Toronto Farmers Market Collective is a vendor-led organization that includes farmers, food artisans, chefs and prepared food, and local food distributors that traditionally sell at Toronto Farmers’ Markets. The collective is working together with “resident champions” to support each other throughout COVID 19 and beyond.


Bees Universe

Members: Ionel and Irina Alecu

Irina and Ionel moved to Canada in 2002 from Romania, where Ionel was already a hobby beekeeper passionate about bees and honey. By 2005 they had decided to start their beekeeping enterprise, beginning with 16 hives over the years. With many ups and downs, experiencing firsthand the impacts of climate change and industrial farming on pollinators, they have slowly grown to more than 1500 hives located across 30 farm partners in southern Ontario. When they bought their property in Innisfil, they raised rabbits, goats, quails and chickens, always looking for healthy food options for their family and customers. After a lot of experimentation, they settled with chickens and now complement their honey business with fresh eggs, and they regularly bring to the farmers’ markets.

What can I purchase from Bee Universe?  Delicious farm fresh eggs, honey and bee products.

Bizjak Farms Logo

Bizjak Farms

Member: Milan Bizjak

Bizjak farm is a multi-generational family-owned business. Established in 1973 by Louis and Maria Bizjak. Louis and Maria came to Canada from Slovenia in 1968, making their first home in Guelph, Ontario. In 2002, Milan Bizjak purchased the farm in 2002 when his parents were ready to retire. Milan has worked diligently to transition the land from the more conventional approach his parents took to a more ecological, environmentally friendly, sustainable approach. In 2014 Milan bought a new farm in Vineland, and Mimi Bizjak, together with her husband Nacho Reyes, managed the original farm. However, the three of them, along with their children, work both farms, pool resources, and support each other to continue growing healthy and delicious fruit.

What can I purchase from Bizjak farms?  Tree ripen fruit from Niagara, cider and peach preserves.

Buschbeck Farm

Pasture raised grass fed GMO free lamb in Grey County

Members: Andreas and Nicole Buschbeck

Buschbeck Farms has operated in Grey County, raising lamb for over 30 years with one belief; take care of our land, and it will take care of us. Located in picturesque Grey Highlands, southwest of Collingwood, we are a fully sustainable family run farm, raising animals from birth and growing all our feed. 

What can I purchase from Buschbeck Farm?  Naturally raised lamb meats, both frozen and fresh, summer sausages and wool products

Marvellous Edibles Farm

Certified Organic Farm

Members:  Ayse Akoner and  Jens Eller 

Marvellous Edibles Farm is a family-run operation, located 2.5 hours northwest of Toronto on the Niagara escarpment. Since 2003, we have been producing organic market garden veggies, pastured chicken, and eggs, as well as ducks and turkeys. Seasonally we have pork and 100% grass-fed and finished beef. In our farm kitchen, we make delicious baked goods and preserves and ferments using products from our farm. We grow what we sell.

What can I purchase from Marvellous Edible?  Check our shop regularly as we have many products from seasonal fruits and vegetables to various meats (fresh, frozen or cured), as well as baked goods and preserves.

Reyes Farms

Reyes Farm

Tree ripened fruit from Niagara

Members:  Ignacio Ruiz Reyes and Mimi Bizjak 

Reyes Farm continues to be family owned and operated by Ignacio Ruiz Reyes and Mimi Bizjak. In 2014 Ignacio and Mimi bought the original Bizjak Farm from her brother, who had been farming it since 2002. Louis and Maria Bizjak, who immigrated to Canada with their six children in 1976, initially established the farm. It has been in our family for over 40 years.
Ignacio, originally from Mexico, came to Canada over 11 years ago to work in Niagara’s fruit orchards. It was here that he found a passion for the land and the possibility to make an impact. In 2013, Ignacio and Mimi married and purchased the family farm, where they live with their children, Luka, Ambar and Ignacio Jr.

What can I purchase from Reyes Farm?  Tree ripened fruit from Niagara, cider and peach preserves.

Snowden Farms

Snowden Farm

Naturally raised Beef and Chicken

Member: John Snowden

Our calves are born and raised on our farm so there is full traceability. We grow and harvest all our own non-GMO crops fertilized by the farm. The cattle are fed a main diet of grass, hay and sorghum grass adding some oats and barley in the winter time for extra energy. We believe that the all-natural, old-fashioned way of raising cows is much better for the animal, the environment and for you.

What can I purchase from Snowden farms?  A wide selection of fresh and frozen naturally raised beef, artisanal chicken as well as beef pies and momos made with ingredients from the farm. 

Food Artisans

Alchemy Pickle Company

Alchemy Pickle Company

Naturally fermented pickles and condiments using only Ontario produce

Member: Rebekka Hutton

Founded by Rebekka Hutton in 2012, Alchemy Pickle Company produces fermented vegetable pickles, sauerkraut and kimchi, and naturally carbonated kombucha with produce purchased directly from certified organic Ontario farmers. #RegionalandSeasonal  #localANDorganic

What can I purchase from Alchemy Pickle Company?  Fermented pickles, condiments, beet kvass and kombucha.

Alma Bakery

Alma Bakery

Persian bread and dips

Member: Reza Zarif

Alma Bakery is a family-owned business and founded by Reza Zarif in 2014 at Saint John, NB. All our products are Organic, and we use Ontario’s local to make our products. We bake daily to assure our customers that they get fresh products. 

What can I purchase from Alma Bakery?  Fresh breads, dips and yummy sweets inspired by persian cuisine  made with local  ingredients. 


ChocoSol Traders

Stone-ground & bean-to-bar chocolate and coffee made in Toronto.

Member: Michael Sacco

ChocoSol is a business-social enterprise transforming theobroma cacao
– The Food of the Gods– into revolutionary and artisanal dark chocolate.
What can I purchase from Chocosol Traders?  Chocolat, coffee, cacao nibs, various seeds (chia, kakai pumpkin, etc.) as well as other pantry items.

Note: Chocosol can be purchased through Earth and City’s Local line account.

Delish Kitch

Delish Kitch

Gluten-Free & Grain-Free Sourdough Bakery

Member: Laurie Southall 

Founded by Laurie in 2011, a dedicated “gluten-free and grain free” bakery committed to fresh, local organic ingredients.
What can I purchase from Delish Kitch?  Gluten & grain free sourdough breads, bagels, pizza shells, tarts, scones, cookies, bars.  Catering to all your gluten and/or grain free needs.

Earth + City

Earth + City

Plant-based food and drinks

Members: Lisa and Ashley

Earth + City is an exciting and innovative business in Toronto that produces plant-based food + drinks in tandem with the Ontario growing season. The pantry staples in the kitchen are gluten-free, mainly organic, and frequently ordered through local food vendors.

What can I purchase from Earth + City?  Healthy, plant-based , gluten-free and naturally sweetened items such as crackers, cookies, dips, drinks, burgers, dressings and sweets.


Evelyn’s Crackers

100% local grain bakery

Members: Dawn Woodward and Ed Rek

Inspired by her mother, Dawn began baking at a very young age. Named after their daughter, Evelyn’s crackers is committed to using  heritage grain varieties. Dawn sources from organic Ontario farmers and is constantly experimenting ways to incorporate them into the crackers, breads and baked goods. 

What can I purchase from Evelyn’s Cracker?  Whole Grain Sourdough Breads, cookies, granola, sweet and savoury baked goods. and pantry items. As well as delicious soups and salads made with seasonal ingredients.

Monforte Dairy

Member: Ruth Klahsen
Southwestern Ontario’s premier artisanal cheese company.

At Monforte, we’re convinced the small things do indeed make a difference, that agriculture is best practiced on a human scale, and that our cheeses, each in its own way, reflect something a little deeper than the technology behind mass manufactured food – a little of the poetry and passion of life itself.

What can I purchase from Monforte Dairy?  Soft, hard, aged or fresh cheese made with goat, sheep, buffala and cow milk. Currently they are offering a selection of cheese boxes including a Cheese & wine box in partnership with 13th Street Niagara winery

Chefs & Prepared Food

Magic Oven

Magic Oven

Ready to eat global cuisine

Members: Abby and Tony Sabherwal 

READY TO EAT is the mantra here. Taste is key – recipe development happens here based on the principle of respecting the palate, planet and its people. Additives, artificial colouring and refined sugar do not belong in this kitchen. No need to sacrifice goodness for the sake of convenience. Changing seasonal menus, one of a kind taste sensations are always available for you and our family. Twenty three years later the appreciation for delicious and healthy is unwavering. 

What can I purchase from Magic Oven? Samosas, pakoras, sauces, chutneys, and stews both vegetarian and meat based. Sold individually or as a dinner pack. They are all ready to (h)eat. Plenty of vegan and gluten-free options.

Our Butter Chicken is truly delicious!

TC Tibetan MoMo

Handcrafted Tibetan momos

Members: Tsewang  Chodon and Lhundup Gyatso

TC’s Tibetan MoMo is a small food business  founded in 2012. Their handmade Beef and Vegan MoMos (Tibetan Version of Dumplings) are served at various Farmers Markets in the GTA.  Local ingredients are sourced from the markets and used in each and every momo that is made by Tsewang!!

What can I purchase from TC Tibetan MoMo? Frozen packs of 18 Vegan or Ontario beef MoMos, pickled cabbage, spicy kimchi, hot chili oil and Fresh hot MoMos sauce.

Local Food Distributors


Distributes 100% sustainably source Canadian fish

Member: Jennifer Johnston

Jennifer and her family founded fisherfolk, it’s name honours the proud, conscientious folk who put their best product forward. We will always consider the long hours and effort that are put into harvesting, cultivating and producing a high quality fish in our modern times. With so much competition to do everything cheaper, there is more and more pressure on fisheries to offload costs in ways that sacrifice the product, people and heritage. It is our hope that through the quality fish we offer, we can help to keep self-sustaining, proud fisherfolk doing what they love for generations to come.

What can I purchase from Fisherfolk?   100% sustainably sourced Canadian fish and seafood, both frozen and fresh. Too tired to cook?… we are also known for our delicious prepareds soups and meals. Especially our Smoked Haddock Chowder. 

Community Action: We have also started a fish soup donation to food banks so a percentage of your purchase goes to this initiative.