Pick-Up Hubs

All  pick-ups operate on Saturdays from 9am till noon, except for Northline 2:30-4pm, Evergreen Brickworks 9am-1pm.

TFMC Pick-Up Hub
at The Stop Farmers Market

Address: Wychwood Barns next to the water park, the current Farmers’ Market exit.
Hours: 8 am to noon (please note: not 1pm market closing time)

The TFMC organizes the pick-up in partnership with The Stop to support local businesses and service customers that want to shop local and are looking for the convenience of one stop shop. Customers can access all the vendors participating in the market plus TFMC members and other participating businesses in the city at the pick-up.

Place your orders on your favourite local business website. Check the Shop Local for links to businesses’ online stores.

Evelyn’s Crackers Pick-Up Hub

Address: 125 Jefferson Ave.
Phone number: 647.448.0731

Evelyn’s Crackers Pick-Up Hub is located in Liberty Village, and is a great location for those near the lake or in the west end.

Evergreen Brickworks
Pick-Up Hub

Market Hours: 8am-1pm
Address: 550 Bayview Ave.

Hurray, the Evergreen Brick Works farmers market is running during the winter months! Farmers’ markets and fresh food markets are now an essential workplace. We want to support and celebrate organizations committed to delivering winter markets so important to regional resilience and supporting local business. All Toronto Farmers Market Collective members participate at the Evergreen Brick Works winter markets. Buy from the collective, choose that location, pick up from each vendor or Snowden Farms booth that will act as a collective representative. Make sure to check other vendors selling on site. A win-win-win situation for you, the collective, and other small and medium businesses.

fisherfolk Pick-Up Hub

Address: 90 Northline Rd, Unit 7B
Phone number: 416 562 8819
Hours: Saturday- 9am to 1pm

This pick-up, organized at fisherfolk’s home store is supported by Jen Forde from Vision Quest Management. Customers will be able to pre-order and pick up from the TFMC members as well as shop from a rotation of 4- 8 urban and rural food businesses.
Market launches on Saturday June 26th. We look forward to seeing you there!